Fragrant Takayama
  • 新茶

Arrive at fragrant Takayama in Gifu Prefecture,letting your nose be your guide.
Take a sip of the tea produced here and feel yourself relaxing at the rich aroma and deep flavor.
You will be filled with admiration for the unique history and culture of the area.

Aromas and flavors unique to Nabeshimameicha

Deep-steamed Tea

The reliable and stable quality you would expect from a specialist tea purveyor. Nabeshimameicha was founded 110 years ago.Over five generations, the Nabeshimameicha approach to tea has prided itself on specializing in Deep-steamed Tea with an aroma, flavor, and color uniquely its own.

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Hida Black Tea

A mellow Japanese-style black tea, fermented using steam from the local hot springs The mellow flavor and moderate astringency of this tea, fermented using steam from Okuhida Hot Springs, vary based on when it is picked. This is Nabeshimameicha’s very own original Japanese-style black tea.

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Hida Barley Tea (Mugi-cha)

Local Hida barley, which becomes sweeter during the snowfall, is then roasted to perfection. We use only AA rank Rokujo barley from Hida, allowing it to slumber under the snow to increase its natural sweetness. This barley tea has drawn acclaim within and without Japan for the unique aroma that sand-roasting it produces.

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Shooen Nabeshimameicha

Founded in 1908, we are a specialist tea purveyor dedicated to Deep-steamed Tea and one of the veteran tea merchants of Takayama.

The shop was established at the turn of the century, when Japanese-style green tea was still not widespread. Remaining true to the company’s founding ethos that everything comes down to quality tea, Nabeshimameicha continues promoting new and diverse ways of enjoying this beverage. In particular, we are focused on creating excellent Deep-steamed Tea. The very first cup presents a robust aroma and flavor. Take one sip to feel yourself and your tablemates relaxing. We are confident that this tea brings all of the charms that Japanese green tea has to offer.

The tea aesthetic and culture of artisan craft have long been deep-rooted in Takayama

Artisan traditions have been conveyed in an unbroken lineage in the Santo region of Hida Takayama since the Nara and Heian periods, producing many noted Hida artisans. The traditional streetscape of this former castle town and traditional history and culture, as typified by the Takayama Festival, have earned it three Michelin stars as a tourist destination that sees 4M visitors annually.In addition, this is the birthplace of Sowa Kanamori, founder of the Sowa school of the tea ceremony. Nabeshimameicha inherits these traditions at its Shofuryu Sengetsukai tea classes.

Store Information

Nabeshimameicha Inc.

12 Shimoichinomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu Prefecture 506-0843
Phone:+81 577-32-4086
Access:6 minutes by car from JR Takayama Station(or 13 minutes on foot)
Opening hours:10:00-17:30
New Year's holidays:1/1-1/4 Google Map

Our shop in Takayama is a registered tangible cultural property of Japan, and is redolent with the rich history and elegance of Nabeshima.
We encourage you to stop by on your next visit to the Hida Takayama area.


  • 2022.03.01
    The new harvested teas start to appear.
  • 2021.03.05
    Nabeshimameicha has released a new promotional video.
  • 2020.02.18
    We are introduced on SHOWA SHOJI CO.,LTD. website.
  • 2019.11.27
    We are slated to exhibit at the “Japan’s Food Export Fair” at Makuhari Messe from November 27-29, 2019.
  • 2019.11.26
    We updated the Nabeshima Meicha official web site.